Kuulsaal OÜ was founded in March 2015

100% shares of Kuulsaal OÜ are owned by its parent company Roseni Majad OÜ.

The main business of the company is the establishment and management of the entertainment centre in Viimsi Keskus.

Viimsi Keskus, which was opened for public in August 2015, offers a great variety of stores and different restaurants, more info www.viimsikeskus.ee

Viimsi bowling & billiard club Kuulsaal has an eight-lanes bowling alley, 10 billiard tables and two snooker tables. The club offers meeting area with a comfy lounge of great views.

Kuulsaal is also operating the innovative children adventureland MUUUV. Viimsi MUUUV is an adventure park where you can find plenty of fun things to do. You can come to MUUUV for your birthday party or just to have a good time. More info www.muuuv.ee

In 2017 the sales revenue of Kuulsaal OÜ 747 thousand euro. The average number of employees in the company was 12 people.

More information on the websites:

Kuulsaal OÜ
Bowlingu-ja piljardiklubi Kuulsaal
Sõpruse tee 15, Haabneeme alevik, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa 74001
Phone: +372 605 1101
e-mail: viimsi@kuulsaal.ee