AS Balbiino is the largest local capital owned ice-cream producer and vendor, recognized expert in the field of frozen food sales and logistics. The company was founded in 1995.

AS Balbiino has the rights to represent the following brands: Onu Eskimo, Vanilla Ninja, Balbiino Classic, Smuutike, Koorejäätis, Raks, Mr. Big, Salme Jumps, Draakon, Härmavilja and Marine.

The company's business involves three concepts:

  • production and sale of ice-cream
  • frozen food sales
  • frozen goods logistics service

Balbiino is the only Estonian ice cream producer that has been awarded an international BRC (British Retail Consortium) food safety and quality management certificate. The BRC certificate covers Balbiino’s role as a producer of ice cream and edible ice as well as the company’s activities as a wholesaler and its storage of frozen products.

Balbiino ice-cream takes 22% of market share in Estonian ice-cream market. The bestseller in 2018 in Estonia was Balbiino Vanilla Ninja vanilla cream ice cream in glaze (Nielsen: 2018). The most popular new product in 2018 was Balbiino double flavour vanilla and chocolate cream ice-cream in glaze Nurr. 

The main export markets in the European Union are in Finland (47%), Latvia (22%), Lithuania, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Denmark.

The biggest customers of Balbiino in the local market are Selver, Coop Eesti, Rimi, Maxima and Prisma supermarkets.

During the last periods the sales of frozen food (brand Härmavili) and logistics services have become step-by-step more important share in the total business.

In 2018 the sales revenue of AS Balbiino was 28.7 million euro. The average number of employees in the company was 235.

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Company contact details:
AS Balbiino,
Viljandi mnt 26, 11217 Tallinn
Phone:  +372 651 5900