Roseni Majad OÜ was founded in 1999. The company owns the historic property on Mere puiestee 6 and Mere puiestee 6e, which was reconstructed in 2000-2001 to a modern leisure centre and is named Roseni Waba Aja Wabrik.

Roseni Majad OÜ main businesses are:

  • Lease of premises at Mere pst 6 and 6e, Tallinn
  • Bowling and billiard club Ku:lsa:l and Vana Tallinn Café
  • Roseni Torn rooms for rent and seminar service

Roseni Majad OÜ is the owner of the patented trademark Kuulsaal.

In Mere pst 6 and 6e premises the following leasers are operating: Restaurant Ö, Restaurant Sfäär, Restaurant Kaks Kokka, ScotlandYard Pub, Liviko Store and Peetri Pizza.

In 2017, the sales revenue of Roseni Majad OÜ was 1.5 million euro, from which 30% of the income was from real estate and 70% from entertainment. The average number of employees in the company was 22 people.

More information on the websites: 

Roseni Majad OÜ,
Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn
Phone:  +372 6674220